TimmyOnTime » Time Management meets Instant Messaging

I have been meaning to blog about these guys for a few days now.  Check it out TimmyOnTime » Time Management meets Instant Messaging I think the idea of using instant messaging to communicate with a server application is brilliant.  I also get a real kick out of chatting with Timmy. Every time my boss gives […]

Sansa e260

Podcast aggregators

One of my “things to do” has been to find a decent podcast aggregator.  Since I got my Sansa e260 I have been listening to a lot more podcasts and it is starting to become a chore to keep track of new episodes.

Open Office

Quote of the day

“After spending five years being told that the Linux desktop is too hard to use, these fucking alarm clocks boggle my mind. If ordinary people can really figure out how to set the alarm at a hotel, then we are going to make OpenOffice default to vi keybindings in the next Novell Linux Desktop. ” — […]

Prediction Ball

Prediction time;

I have always enjoyed making predictions about where the IT business is going. Now I can blog about it and realize in a few years how wrong I was! IBM is going to buy Sun. The main reason is to prevent Oracle from buying them. Oracle have the database, the application suite, they are talking […]

Microsoft Small Business

Microsoft Business Solutions is headed the wrong way;

Call me a skeptic, but I just don’t think MBS (Microsoft Business Solutions) are headed the right way with their new roles based model for Microsoft Dynamics. In a number of the recent announcements made at the Business Summit and PDC, they have talked extensively about the 50 roles that they have defined to try […]

Saas software as a service

Software-on-demand and small businesses

Frank has a post talking about why small businesses don’t get the concept of “software on demand”. My perspective is that small businesses don’t want software on demand. One argument put forward by Frank is that small businesses have minimal IT staff therefore they should welcome a third-party company who is prepared to look after the IT […]

Visual Basic

So long Classic VB

I feel I have to weigh in to the current debate regarding the end of support of VB6. Many people have stated that they see no reason to move working VB6 applications to the .Net framework. They feel because they are still using VB6 that Microsoft should still support and enhance it. As a vendor […]

Biztalk Server

I was replaced by a biztalk server

I have to share this gem. This is from the first page of the Biztalk server documentation. “Imagine being the parts manager for an automobile manufacturing company. Your database system informs you that you are low on door handles, so you need to act quickly. You fax a purchase order (PO) to a supplier, who […]

Time Running Out

There is never enough time

I recently interviewed some students in the co-op program at Concordia University for an internship position this summer. Overall I was quite pleased with the quality of the candidates. There was one conversation that really stuck out for me. Each of the students was asked what they did outside of school to keep up to […]

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