Active Directory

Adding to the Active Directory Schema

As I understand it, to add to the Active Directory Schema you need an OID assigned. For fellow Canadians thinking of doing this you can go here and register. It took about a week to get an OID assigned and it didn’t cost a penny!

Application Security

Application Security

I’ve been reading Craig McMurtry’s series on Application Security. It is interesting stuff, especially the use of ADAM as repository for application security information. I certainly can understand why you would want to store user information in a central repository, but I am still struggling with the idea of storing all of the authorization information outside […]



Although this is not my first attempt at a blog, I have renewed conviction this time. I had wanted to host the blog myself, but it’s funny how that spare machine can get used for all sorts of other things. I’m not going to develop much of presence if my blog is only occasionally on […]

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