Rube Goldberg Machine Testing

Continuous Integration, Deployment and Testing of your Web APIs with AppVeyor and Runscope

Fast iterations can be very valuable to the software development process, but make for more time spent doing deployments and testing.  Also, more deployments means more opportunities to accidentally introduce breaking changes into your API.  AppVeyor is a cloud based continuous integration server and Runscope enables you to do integration testing of your Web APIs, […]

Software Testing

But can you test it?

Testing code that uses HttpWebRequest directly, is a real pain.  Usually what I have seen people do is create a service interface that hides the real http client behind the interface and then create fake service implementations to actually run their tests against.  The annoying part about that solution is that Http client interfaces tend […]

Remote desktop

Opportunistic locking and remote desktop

Here’s a little word of warning to others who may spend some of their time in the IT trenches.  If someone asks you to change the Windows Opportunistic Locking settings, as per this knowledge base article.  Be warned, it may break your ability to remote desktop to the server.  It did for me.  Of course, changing the […]

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