Two Core Hyperthreading

Why I like hyperthreading!

One of questions that I had before buying my latest desktop was how beneficial is hyperthreading. I read all the performance reviews that compared the hyperthreaded P4s to their single threaded brethren and the concensus was pretty much that for today’s applications there is little benefit. Applications need to be written to take advantage of […]


Goodbye and Good Riddence

Mr. Grimes Farewell If this is the kind of FUD that Mr. Grimes usually puts out I’m glad he is giving up on .Net commentary column. His complaints from what I can see: – They copied stuff from WFC and VB. – The framework is too large for shareware developers, so it will never gain momentum. […]


XML: The good and the bad

Here is a link to the schema for an Advanced Shipping Notification document defined by the American Institute for Steel Construction. And here is the format for submitting a summary of an employee’s annual earnings(T4) to the Canadian government. The ASN has tags such as BillOfLadingReference, TransactionDateTime, ShipmentDateTime, ShipmentWeight and is nicely nested to represent the data relationships between […]

New PC

A New PC

Finally, I got myself a new PC. I can retire my well worn Dell 4100 PIII 1Ghz and move up to a Dell Precision 370 P4 2.8Ghz with 1GB. I haven’t got the machine up and running with all of my applications but so far I’m very happy. It has a 160 GB Serial ATA […]

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