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API Design Notes: Smart Paging

If you spend any time reading about API design or working with APIs you will likely have come across the notion of paging response data.  Paging has been used in the HTML web for many years as a method to provide users with a fast response to their searches.  I normally spend my time advocating […]

Big Bang

Single purpose media types and reusability

The one great thing about twitter is that you quickly find out what you failed to explain clearly 🙂  My efforts in advocating for single purpose media types failed to clarify that by single purpose, I am not suggesting that these media types should not be re-usable.  Let me try and explain. My realization was triggered by @inadarai ‘s […]


XSLT is easy, even for transforming JSON!

Most developers I talk to will cringe if they hear the acronym XSLT.  I suspect that reaction is derived from some past experience where they have seen some horrendously complex XML/XSLT combination.  There is certainly lots of that around. However, for certain types of document transformations, XSLT can be a very handy tool and with […]

Vanilla Ice Cream

Please, no more generic hypermedia types

This opinion has been stewing for a couple of years now, but following an excellent conversation I had with Ted Young the other evening at the API Craft San Francisco event, I think it is time to have more discussion around this subject. A little bit of history I have been a big supporter of the HAL media […]


Returning raw JSON content from ASP.NET Web API

In a previous post I talked about how to send raw JSON to a web API and consume it easily.  This is a non-obvious process because ASP.NET Web API is optimized for sending and receiving arbitrary CLR object that then get serialized by the formatters in the request/response pipeline.  However, sometimes you just want to have more […]


Posting raw JSON to Web API

I see questions almost weekly on StackOverflow where someone is trying to POST JSON and receive it as a string.  The problem is that Web API has two modes, “serialized object” and “HTTP message”.  Receiving raw JSON as a string falls between the two. Usually the question goes something like, “Why does the jsonBody parameter in the […]


Convert XML to JSON using XSLT

How about that for acronym soup?  In the spirit of doing smaller posts but more often, here is a handy little XSLT.  Assuming you have the following XML, Using this XSLT You can generate this JSON It would be really interesting to try and use this Javascript XSLT processor to do the transform directly in the browser.  […]

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