Rusty Old Car needs SOAP

A Fresh Coat Of REST Paint On A SOAP Stack

In my experience, once a SOAP API gets into production and is working, nobody wants to touch it.  They can be very finicky beasts. Sometimes the most innocuous update can stop a client application in its  tracks.  Exposing a SOAP API to external customers just raises the risk level.  One approach I frequently see is […]

Message Handler

How to GET aHEAD with MessageHandlers!

It appears I need to go on vacation more often.  I seem to get more chance to experiment.  One of my first discussions about RACK was with Mike Kelly where he suggested a simple solution to implementing HEAD across an API.  Simply use a RACK application to convert a HEAD request to a GET and then when […]

WCF dot net

WCF HTTP – work in progress

So, I’m still working on that walkthrough of the Contact Manager.  Not sure how valuable it is now that Glenn posted his latest summary.  Between that and the session at PDC you should be able to get a pretty good idea how it works. So the code for this project is all available on the Microsoft site. […]

WCF dot net

Microsoft WCF gets serious about HTTP

Chances are, if you have read any of my blog posts before, you will probably be aware of my appreciation of a certain HTTPClient library that appeared in the WCF REST Starter kit a few years ago.  After a very long incubation period and some periods of uncertainty about its future I am really excited […]

WCF Rest

WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2

I have been looking thought the latest release of the WCF REST Starter Kit and there are some interesting things there.  Especially the new HttpClient class in the Microsoft.Http namespace.  I will not talk about the server side of things because I really don’t have anything nice to say and until I have some constructive […]

Witty for Only the brave need apply.

If you have a Windows machine with VS2008, .Net 3.5, svn and patch on it, you can get the source for Witty here [1] and a patch [2] that will make it run against Enjoy! [1] [2]

HTTP Secure

Security and Http

I did some experimentation today with authentication over http. Using the System.Net.WebClient class I made requests against both a HttpListener based server and WCF service contract using webHttpBinding. With HttpListener I can get Basic authentication and WindowsIntegratedAuthentication working just fine.  With WebHttpBinding I cannot get either.  I am aware that with WebHttpBinding over https you […]

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