Vary Header Accident

The Insanity of the Vary Header

In my first deep dive into a HTTP header on the user-agent header I said that I would try and produce a series of posts going under the covers on certain HTTP headers.  This post is about the Vary header.  The Vary header both wonderful and sad at the same time.  I’ll discuss how to make it work […]

Building Blocks Lego

Composing API responses for maximum reuse with ASP.NET Web API

In Web API 2.1 a new mechanism was introduced for returning HTTP messages that appeared to be a cross between HttpResponseMessage and the ActionResult mechanism from ASP.NET MVC.  At first I wasn’t a fan of it at all.  It appeared to add little new value and just provide yet another alternative that would a be a source of confusion.  […]

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An HTTP Resource is a lot simpler than you might think

Unfortunately, I still regularly run into articles on the web that misunderstand the concept of an HTTP resource.  Considering it is a core piece of web architecture, having a clear understanding of what it means can make many other pieces of web architectural guidance considerably easier to understand. To try and keep this post as […]

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