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There Is Almost Nothing to See Here

I just read Adam Ralph‘s post Blog == Weblog and I was inspired.  I started blogging 10 years ago because I wanted an outlet for my thoughts.  I didn’t take it particularly seriously as you would see if you dig back to the early days.  [ed note: which would be easier if my blog host actually provided an […]

Yak API Keys

Share Your Code, Not Your API Keys

Part of my role at Runscope involves me writing OSS libraries or sample projects to share with other developers.  I also regularly use 3rd party APIs in the process.  This requires the use of API keys and other private data that I’d rather not share.  Unfortunately it is all too easy to leave a key in a […]

Alphabet API Car

API Design Notes: Smart Paging

If you spend any time reading about API design or working with APIs you will likely have come across the notion of paging response data.  Paging has been used in the HTML web for many years as a method to provide users with a fast response to their searches.  I normally spend my time advocating […]

Dog Tags

An HTTP Resource is a lot simpler than you might think

Unfortunately, I still regularly run into articles on the web that misunderstand the concept of an HTTP resource.  Considering it is a core piece of web architecture, having a clear understanding of what it means can make many other pieces of web architectural guidance considerably easier to understand. To try and keep this post as […]

Best Before Date

Single purpose media types and caching

My recent post asking people to refrain from creating more generic hypermedia types sparked some good conversation on twitter between @mamund, @cometaj2, @mogsie, @inadarei and others.  Whilst thinking some more on the potential benefits of single purpose media types versus generic hypermedia types, realized there is a correlation between single purpose media types and representation lifetimes.  I thought it might be worth […]


There is Unicode in your URL!

In our Runscope HipChat room a few weeks ago, I was asked about Unicode encoding in URLs.  After a quick sob about why I never get asked the easy questions, I decided it was time to do some investigating.  I had explored this subject in the past whilst trying to get Unicode support working in my URI Templates […]

Web Standards W3C

Web Standards Search Engine

I always struggle to use the IETF and W3C web sites to find Web standards that I am looking for.  Google and Bing work ok for finding stuff if you can hit the right keywords, however if the terms you are searching has other more popular usages, then you have to wade through irrelevant results. […]


Convert attributes to elements in XSLT

I was working on some reporting stuff and thought I had an issue where I needed to have elements instead of attributes. I found that the following XSLT would do that conversion for me. view rawgistfile1.xslt hosted with ❤ by GitHub Turns out that I didn’t need it, but I figured it would be handy to keep […]


A Mercurial changelog

I need to write this somewhere or I’ll forget how to do it.  I’ve recently started using branches in hg for my target environments instead of using separate repositories as is recommended by Kiln.  I got a request to produce a list of changes that would be going into the next production release and knew […]

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