Vermont code camp girls

Vermont Code Camp

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend and speak at Vermont Code Camp.  Apart from being hosted at the beautiful University of Vermont, it was an event packed with excellent speakers. I presented my talk on “Crafting Evolvable API Responses”, which itself managed to evolve considerably since doing it at New York Code camp […]

Conditional Request Handling

Implementing Conditional Request Handling for your API

In the previous post in this series on Conditional Requests I introduced the topic of validators, their purpose and how they can be constructed.  A large chunk of the work that needs to be done to support conditional requests is done by the origin server.  This blog post is about that role. The first job of the […]

Code Camp NYC New York

Code Camp NYC

This weekend I had the opportunity to speak for the first time at the New York city Code Camp.  It was an excellent event with a huge turnout and an equivalently huge number of sessions. With fourteen different sessions happening simultaneously, attendees were spoiled for choice and I am quite sure there were plenty of people […]


HTTP in depth

Over the past few months I have written a number of posts relating to HTTP that have attempted to clarify some of the lesser understood areas of the HTTP specification and provide some practical guidance. Posts that are complete Posts that are on my backlog Feedback If there are posts in the backlog that you would like […]

Query String Squid

Caching resources with query strings

This afternoon Scott Hanselman posted a fairly innocuous question on twitter.  However, the question involved versioning of a RESTful API, which is a subject that is sure to bring out lots of opinions.  This post is less about the versioning question and more about the commonly held belief that caches do things differently with URLs that have […]

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