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TPC Benchmarks, a new Outlook

After reading this item on IBM’s new record setting hardware I took a quick gander at the TPC-C results. It has been probably 12-18 months since I last looked at these. What a different landscape! In the past Microsoft used to dominate the Price/Performance results. Not anymore. Looking at both the peformance results and the […]

Novel Linux

Linux OS sales boost Novell

This news item makes me chuckle. A company that was previously losing money selling a commerical OS is now making a profit selling a free OS. Does this say that from a business customer’s perspective “free” is actually more expensive than “not free”? Are the costs just hidden? Anyway, despite being a big Microsoft fan I […]

Small Business Server

Small Business Server

I installed Small Business Server 2003 for a customer last week. SBS is really starting to mature into a nice product and you can’t beat the price especially if you get it bundled with a Dell server.

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