Monitoring API

Add Runscope logging to your ASP.NET Web API in minutes

If you are building an ASP.NET Web API and want a view into the HTTP traffic that is hitting your API then this is a really quick solution that might prove useful. Runscope is a cloud based service that allows you to monitor, measure and test Web APIs.  By using their API I was able to build a HttpMessageHandler that […]

Xamarin Monkey

Xamarin Evolve

This past week I spent in Atlanta, Georgia, attending Xamarin Evolve and Atlanta Code Camp.  This was the second annual Evolve conference and attendance went from 600 the first year to 1200 this year.  This year’s event was an impressive affair. Cultivating an Niche Not only did the number of attendees grow significantly from last […]

Rest Fest 2014


Last week was RESTfest week.  RESTfest is an unusual little conference that happens in Greenville, South Carolina every September.  This is the fifth year it has run and this is my fourth time attending, and I learn a ton every time. What makes RESTFest unique is its “everyone speaks” policy.  Although there is a keynote, a whole […]

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