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A Little about BizCoder

BizCoder is part of a global company with offices in UK, US and Europe while software development is mostly done in South America. We provide fulltime outsourced staff across all technologies and levels to both small and large businesses. We save companies money as our staff are not only highly educated but cost only around 60% of the cost for similarly skilled workers in the UK or USA.

We help you build a team of experienced software developers within 4 to 6 weeks. We have access to thousands software and app developers in Brazil skilled in a range of technologies, from popular solutions to less commonly used languages.

At BizCoder we wish to bridge the gap providing access to highly skilled and qualified IT that you hand-select and test to work directly for your company. Staff will report to you daily via video from Brazil working to US working hours as an extension of your in-house team.

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Our Offices

Our Analisys is Your Project

Software Analysis Services

Developer Programming
Analysis of Your Busineess Requirements

We carefully look at the business requirements of your project. This information is used to decide what technologies and resources you will need.

Software Development Team
Analysis of your Existing Technology Stack

No business system exists on its own. So its important that any new systems we develop are compatible and maintainable with your existing stack and skillset.

Agile Developers
Analysis of your Resource Requirements

We analyse your projects devloper resource requirements to make sure you have what you need to complete the project on time and to meet the business requirements set.

US +1 650 319-7284UK +44 020 3239 2509

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