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When Opportunity meets Momentum

Over the past few years, I have occasionally dreamed about what would be my perfect job.  Of course it would have to involve HTTP APIs. But beyond that, my background in ERP software leaves me longing for solving business problems for users.  My experience at Runscope as a developer advocate reaffirmed my desire to spend […]

302 Baby

302 – Found

After an interesting summer of working on OSS projects, doing a keynote in Australia at DDDMelbourne, and getting ever closer to finishing that Pluralsight course, I now have a new role to sink my teeth into I have joined Microsoft as an API Evangelist.   That means if you are building HTTP APIs, my role is to try and help.  Whether you are […]

Web API Cookie Cutter

The Simplest Possible ASP.NET Web API Template

I recently needed to create a new Web API project for some content I’m working on for a talk.  I decided I might as well use the ASP.NET Web API Template to get started. The resulting project looked like this: 75 class files, 23 Razor templates, 34 unique Nuget packages, and 28 Javascript files before I wrote […]

.net fringe

Dot Net Fringe

The last few days I spent at the DotNetFringe conference in Portland.  Considering this was the first time this conference has been run it was executed spectacularly well. Off To A Great Start The opening keynote was done by the one and only, Jimmy Bogard who delivered a candid history of his experience working on OSS projects, […]

Open Source

Microsoft: Open source and cross-platform all the things

It was announced today that Microsoft will be delivering a cross-platform and open source, cloud-optimized version of the .Net framework. Today’s announcement is a culmination of a series of changes that have been happening over the past few years in certain parts of Microsoft.  Through the persistence of numerous Microsoft employees and the encouragement by […]


VB.Net and C# again

Jeremy was complaining recently about being given a hard time for not being sufficiently supportive of VB.Net developers in relation to his Structure Map OSS project. As I mentioned in the comments to the post, when .Net first appeared on the scene I believed that VB.Net should be specialized for learning, prototyping and writing quick throw […]

Remote desktop

Opportunistic locking and remote desktop

Here’s a little word of warning to others who may spend some of their time in the IT trenches.  If someone asks you to change the Windows Opportunistic Locking settings, as per this knowledge base article.  Be warned, it may break your ability to remote desktop to the server.  It did for me.  Of course, changing the […]

Prediction Ball

Prediction time;

I have always enjoyed making predictions about where the IT business is going. Now I can blog about it and realize in a few years how wrong I was! IBM is going to buy Sun. The main reason is to prevent Oracle from buying them. Oracle have the database, the application suite, they are talking […]

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