Web API Cookie Cutter

The Simplest Possible ASP.NET Web API Template

I recently needed to create a new Web API project for some content I’m working on for a talk.  I decided I might as well use the ASP.NET Web API Template to get started. The resulting project looked like this: 75 class files, 23 Razor templates, 34 unique Nuget packages, and 28 Javascript files before I wrote […]

Monks Debating Hypermedia

Hypermedia, past, present and future

Hypermedia is not a new concept, it has been around in various forms since the 1960s.  However, in the past seven years there has been a significant resurgence of interest in the concept.  This blog post contains my reflections on the past few years, where we currently are and where we might be headed in […]

Funky Web API Dance

Making your ASP.NET Web API funcky with an OWIN appFunc

The OWIN specification defines a delegate called appFunc that allows any OWIN compatible host to work with any OWIN compatible application.  This post shows you how to turn an ASP.NET Web API into an AppFunc. AppFunc is defined as , using AppFunc = Func<IDictionary<string, object>,Task>; In other words, a function that accepts an object that implements IDictionary<string,object> […]

Hammer AppFunc

The simplest Owin AppFunc that works

When learning new frameworks and libraries I always like to find the simplest thing that works.  It helps me to separate in my mind what is core and what is helper stuff.  When it comes to debugging it is always nice to be able to strip away the helper stuff. No frameworks allowed! While working […]

Travis Software

Tavis.Link and dependencies

I’m currently writing a bunch of media type parsers and have been struggling with the question of whether it is wise to take a dependency on Tavis.Link.  I do believe that libraries should be as loosely coupled as possible and I really don’t like libraries that have a big web of interdependencies.  However, when I build […]


Experiments with Katana

A few months ago I put up a site http://hypermediaapi.com with the intention of using it as place to aggregate links to all things hypermedia related. I built the site using Web API because a) I know how to use it, and b) I wanted to prove a point that a Web Site is really […]

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