Sansa e260

Podcast aggregators

One of my “things to do” has been to find a decent podcast aggregator.  Since I got my Sansa e260 I have been listening to a lot more podcasts and it is starting to become a chore to keep track of new episodes.

Sansa e260

I installed FireAnt a few weeks ago, played with it for a few minutes and it just didn’t seem to do what I wanted.  Today I made a renewed effort and still it didn’t seem to have a way to view the episodes from a feed and selectively choose which ones I want to download.  I’ve listend to most of the Hanselminutes episodes, I really don’t want to download them all again just because I’m now using an aggregator.  Also, some of the early ones I never heard, so doing Catch-Up doesn’t work for me either.

So I tried Doppler.  Meh… Same story.  So I tried WinPodder.  Ack… even worse.  I don’t understand how people can spend so much time and effort coding apps like these and appear not to have spent any time thinking about the standard use cases. 

Then I tried Juice.  Ok the rest of you aggregator developers, go take a look at Juice, see how it was supposed to be done and then join the development team.

I’ll report on whether my first impressions are justified after I have used it for a few weeks.

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