Benefits and Challenges of Generative AI in Fintech

Benefits and Challenges of Generative AI in Fintech

Benefits and Challenges of Generative AI in Fintech are transforming the industry. Companies must navigate opportunities and risks with this technology. Most people believe destructive outcomes are the only destination of generative AI, predicting dire consequences. I’ve seen these concerns echoed across numerous forums and debates. And yes, there are serious risks. However, with the […]

Time Zone Compatibility Benefits with Nearshore Outsourcing

Time Zone Compatibility Benefits with Nearshore Outsourcing

Time Zone Compatibility Benefits with Nearshore Outsourcing: Having your core teams work in staggered time zones – it’s a management nightmare that too many businesses have experienced when they’ve outsourced offshore. There are huge cost savings to be made, but the lack of time zone compatibility can create more problems than it’s worth. The solution […]

The Surprising Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing to Brazil

Have you ever wondered why companies are increasingly turning to Brazil for their software development needs? It’s not just about cost savings—though that’s a significant factor. There’s a rich tapestry of benefits that make Brazil a compelling choice for outsourcing software development. The Allure of Talent and Expertise When you think of software development, Silicon […]

Voice-Activated App Development

The Evolution of Voice-Activated App Development

Voice-activated app development has undergone significant advancements, pushing the boundaries of innovation and revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. From its roots in the 1950s with systems that could only understand numbers and limited words, voice recognition technology has come a long way. The 1980s brought about the Hidden Markov Model, a breakthrough advancement […]

In the Mood for HTTP

In The Mood For HTTP – Open Q&A

As a software developer today it is pretty difficult to avoid working with HTTP in some capacity.  There also seems to be a growing desire among developers to get a deeper understanding of the protocol.  Recently Glenn Block and I decided it might be interesting to do an online Q&A about HTTP and try and answer developer […]

Optimizing 3 Babies

Optimizing for the Speed of Light

It is true three women can’t make a baby in 3 months, but it also doesn’t take 27 months for them to have 3 babies! You might be wondering what on earth I am talking about but this is something I see API developers getting confused about regularly. There is oft-repeated guidance that if an API […]

Arvore Tree

When Opportunity meets Momentum

Over the past few years, I have occasionally dreamed about what would be my perfect job.  Of course it would have to involve HTTP APIs. But beyond that, my background in ERP software leaves me longing for solving business problems for users.  My experience at Runscope as a developer advocate reaffirmed my desire to spend […]

Http Scaled

OpenAPI is not what I thought

Sometimes I do my best thinking in the car and today was an excellent example of this.  I had a phone call today with a the digital agency Authentic who have been hired to help you stop saying Swagger, when you mean OpenApi. I’m only partially kidding. They asked me some hard questions about why I got involved in […]

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