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In The Mood For HTTP – Open Q&A
As a software developer today it is pretty difficult to
Optimizing for the Speed of Light
It is true three women can't make a baby in
When Opportunity meets Momentum
Over the past few years, I have occasionally dreamed about
OpenAPI is not what I thought
Sometimes I do my best thinking in the car and
HTTP Pattern Index
When building HTTP based applications we are limited to a
RPC vs REST is not in the URL
In Phil Sturgeon’s article Understanding REST and RPC for HTTP APIs,
Back to my core
I've spent a large part of the last two years
Azure API Management Resources
Although I know my HTTP and Web API pretty well, becoming an API Evangelist on the Azure
A Fresh Coat Of REST Paint On A SOAP Stack
In my experience, once a SOAP API gets into production
In The Mood For HTTP – Episode 3
The recording for episode #3 is now available on Crowdcast and YouTube. In
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