Boxing Identity

We all need an identity

A brewing debate in the .Net community recently came to a boil when Brendan Forster attempted to address an open issue for the Octokit library, Signed Octokit Releases, Yay or Nay? It is an interesting debate with many strong opinions.  Unfortunately I think the debate is down in the weeds and I’d like to add a bit of a […]


Posting raw JSON to Web API

I see questions almost weekly on StackOverflow where someone is trying to POST JSON and receive it as a string.  The problem is that Web API has two modes, “serialized object” and “HTTP message”.  Receiving raw JSON as a string falls between the two. Usually the question goes something like, “Why does the jsonBody parameter in the […]


It’s time for a change, and more of the same.

Starting next week, I will be joining the Runscope team.  Runscope provides tools that help developers debug, test and monitor Web APIs.  This is a company that lives and breathes HTTP.  If you know me, I’m sure you understand why that appeals to me. Although I have been building distributed business applications for more than 20 years, […]

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