Dry Suppleness

Don’t sacrifice suppleness to the DRY gods

Consider your application has feature A and feature B, and in order to implement each of these features you need to invoke functions X, Y, Z: The gods of DRY would proclaim that you should create a new function to encapsulate the behaviour of X,Y,Z.  However, I would argue that unless that group of functions […]

Hypermedia Markup

Hypermedia Client Maturity Model

There have been a number of attempts to define a maturity model for building RESTful services.  The idea of the maturity model is that is gives an indication how closely the service complies with the constraints of REST and hopefully demonstrates the trade offs to be expected when choosing to not follow a particular constraint. One area […]


A Tekpub API

Rob Conery asked for some feedback on an API he has been building for Tekpub.  I know that Rob asked for URLs, and URLs he shall get, but I like to get a better understanding of the relationships between my resources before I start minting URLs for my service.  On a number of occasions I […]

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