Funky Web API Dance

Making your ASP.NET Web API funcky with an OWIN appFunc

The OWIN specification defines a delegate called appFunc that allows any OWIN compatible host to work with any OWIN compatible application.  This post shows you how to turn an ASP.NET Web API into an AppFunc. AppFunc is defined as , using AppFunc = Func<IDictionary<string, object>,Task>; In other words, a function that accepts an object that implements IDictionary<string,object> […]

Hammer AppFunc

The simplest Owin AppFunc that works

When learning new frameworks and libraries I always like to find the simplest thing that works.  It helps me to separate in my mind what is core and what is helper stuff.  When it comes to debugging it is always nice to be able to strip away the helper stuff. No frameworks allowed! While working […]

Mr User Agent

The much maligned User Agent header

This post is the first in a series of posts that will explore some piece of the HTTP specification with the objective of providing practical insights into the uses and abuses of the feature. Consider these posts my attempt to provide HTTP guidance in language that is slightly more digestible than the official IETF specifications. […]

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