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At Bizcoder, we stand out as a leading nearshore development company, committed to offering unparalleled remote iOS developer services to businesses across the US, UK, and Canada. Our process of hiring an iOS developer is streamlined, efficient, and designed for your convenience. We meticulously select a remote iOS developer whose experience and skill set align perfectly with your specific project needs—someone who is not only adept but also dedicated and industrious.

Our extensive network of South American iOS talent, combined with our innovative use of artificial intelligence for matching, and our deep-rooted expertise in iOS recruitment and management, enables us to identify the ideal developer for your project. Our approach is a blend of data-driven analysis, personal interviews, and intuitive judgment, aimed at finding a developer who will deliver high-quality iOS code from day one. With years of refined hiring processes trusted by rapidly expanding startups, Bizcoder is your go-to partner for securing your dream iOS software developer. Contact us today to get started.

South American Competitive Pricing

Enjoy access to remote South American iOS Developers who are keen to collaborate with US-based companies, all at competitive prices.

Transparent Costing

Experience no hidden fees as our company transparently handles personnel benefits, local employment taxes, and all employment-related expenses

Vetted Professional Remote Developers

Hire with confidence knowing every iOS Developer you engage with has surpassed our stringent and thorough vetting process, ensuring top-tier professionalism.

Synchronous Working Hours

Our remote developers, based in Brazil, enthusiastically align their work schedule with US hours, ensuring seamless integration with your existing team.


Went above and beyond when there was a management deficiency on our side, they stepped in to help and made sure the project was delivered on time.
Hendrik Duerkop
Director Technology at Statista
They provided the key technical skills and staffing power we needed to augment our existing teams. Not only that, it was all done at great speed and low cost
Jason Pappas
CEO Rocket Docs
Showcased great communication, technical skills, honesty, and integrity. More importantly, they are experts who deliver complex projects on time and on budget!
Sachin Kainth
Director Technology MountStreetGroup

Why Are Remote iOS Developers in Demand?

The surge in demand for remote iOS developers stems from the global recognition of iOS’s robust platform, known for its security, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration capabilities. Companies striving to offer their users an elevated mobile experience increasingly turn to iOS platforms, necessitating skilled developers to bring their innovative ideas to life.

Moreover, the rise of remote work culture, accelerated by recent global events, has highlighted the benefits of hiring talent from around the world. Remote iOS developers, especially from regions like South America, offer a blend of high-quality skill sets and cost-effectiveness, making them highly sought after by businesses aiming to scale efficiently.

Lastly, the continuous evolution of the iOS platform demands developers who are not just skilled but also adaptable and forward-thinking. The ability to hire remote iOS developers allows companies to tap into a global pool of such talent, ensuring their applications stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in a dynamic digital marketplace.

Benefits of iOS to companies

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The Role of iOS Developers in Software Development

iOS developers play a crucial role in the software development lifecycle, especially in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing applications for Apple’s iOS devices. Their expertise not only lies in coding but also in understanding the nuances of the iOS platform, ensuring that the apps meet the high standards expected by users. These developers work closely with UX/UI designers, ensuring that the applications are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Given the popularity of Apple’s ecosystem, proficient iOS developers contribute significantly to a company’s ability to innovate and capture the iOS market.

Why Hire a Remote iOS Developer?

Hiring a remote iOS developer offers businesses the flexibility to scout for talent without geographical constraints, significantly widening the pool of skilled professionals. This approach not only brings diversity in thought and experience but also ensures that companies can find developers who truly fit their project requirements and company culture. Furthermore, remote iOS developers can provide cost efficiencies, as companies can benefit from the variance in living costs across regions while paying competitive salaries. Another advantage is the ability to access developers who are willing to work in the company’s timezone, ensuring smooth collaboration and communication with the existing team. In an era where remote work has proven to be as effective as traditional office setups, hiring remote iOS developers allows companies to stay agile, innovate rapidly, and maintain a competitive edge in the tech industry.

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In order to develop apps and websites, you need a partner with experience and reliability. We strive to provide a professional and premium service to all of our customers. Our development team can help you get off to a great start!

Benefits of Hiring a Remote iOS Developer from Us

By partnering with Bizcoder for your remote iOS developer needs, you benefit from a streamlined hiring process that ensures you get seasoned professionals ready to hit the ground running. Our meticulous selection process, combining AI with human expertise, guarantees that you receive a developer not just fit for the job but also aligned with your company’s vision and work culture. Furthermore, our South American talent pool offers the twin advantages of cost-effectiveness and the willingness to work in your timezone, making collaboration seamless. Choosing Bizcoder means opting for quality, efficiency, and a partner committed to your project’s success.

How much does it cost to hire a Remote iOS Developer?

When considering hiring a remote iOS developer, various factors such as expertise level, experience, geographical location, and prevailing market conditions significantly influence the cost. It is crucial to understand that iOS developers with extensive experience not only bring higher-quality outcomes but also work more efficiently and possess specialized skills, which naturally lead to higher rates.

Conversely, those at the beginning of their career journey might offer their services at a lower rate as they seek to build their experience and portfolio.

At Bizcoder, our commitment is to provide you with access to a wide range of talent from South America, where our iOS developers integrate seamlessly into your projects, offering both the quality and cost-effectiveness that your project deserves. Our pricing is transparent and tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment.


Prices From
  • Works to U.S time zones
  • No Recruitment Fees
  • Vetted Skills & Experience
  • Fulltime Working for you
  • No Unreliable Freelancers


Prices From
  • Works to U.S time zones
  • No Recruitment Fees
  • Vetted Skills & Experience
  • Fulltime Working for you
  • No Unreliable Freelancers


Prices From
  • Works to U.S time zones
  • No Recruitment Fees
  • Vetted Skills & Experience
  • Fulltime Working for you
  • No Unreliable Freelancers

With us, you can hire an iOS Developer from South America.

Developer prices may vary depending on exact skill and experience requirements and availability.

You’ll have to decide which one works best for your project based on its specifics.

What does iOS code look like?

iOS applications are primarily written in Swift, Apple’s innovative programming language that is both powerful and easy to learn. Here’s a simple example of a Swift code snippet that creates a basic iOS application screen with a label:

					import UIKit

class ViewController: UIViewController {
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        // Create a label
        let label = UILabel()
        label.frame = CGRect(x: 20, y: 20, width: 300, height: 40)
        label.text = "Hello, iOS World!"

        // Add the label to the view

This code snippet demonstrates the creation of a UILabel object, which is a UI element in iOS used to display text. The label is positioned on the screen (CGRect(x: 20, y: 20, width: 300, height: 40)) and is assigned the text "Hello, iOS World!" Finally, the label is added to the application's main view so it becomes visible to the user. This example provides a glimpse into the world of iOS development, showcasing how developers can use Swift to create user interface elements programmatically.

Identifying Your iOS Development Needs

Core iOS Expertise and Specializations

When identifying your iOS development needs, it’s crucial to consider the core expertise and specializations required for your project. This includes knowledge of Swift, the primary programming language for iOS development, understanding of Apple’s design principles and guidelines, proficiency in using Xcode (Apple’s IDE), and experience with APIs for integrating backend services. Specializations might also encompass areas like ARKit for augmented reality apps, Core Data for data persistence, or UIKit for designing user interfaces.

App Development and Frameworks

The landscape of iOS mobile app development is rich and diverse, offering a variety of frameworks and tools to create high-quality applications. Among the most essential frameworks are UIKit, which provides the necessary components for user interface design, and SwiftUI, Apple’s latest framework for developing user interfaces using a declarative syntax that integrates seamlessly across all Apple platforms. Other key frameworks include Core Data for managing an app’s data model, Combine for handling asynchronous events, and ARKit for developing augmented reality experiences.

Companies need these frameworks to leverage the full potential of iOS devices, ensuring their apps deliver a smooth, efficient, and engaging user experience. Utilizing these tools allows developers to create applications that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for performance, security, and scalability. This is crucial for businesses aiming to stand out in a crowded marketplace and provide value to their users.

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Other Popular uses for iOS

Beyond mobile applications, iOS technology powers a wide range of other popular uses, including wearable apps for Apple Watch, home automation via HomeKit, and health and fitness applications leveraging HealthKit. These platforms enable developers to extend the functionality and reach of iOS applications to wearable devices and smart home devices, opening up new opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers.

Companies need these technologies to stay competitive and innovative, offering users integrated experiences across multiple aspects of their daily lives. Whether it’s providing quick access to information via a smartwatch or enabling users to control their home environment from their iPhone, iOS’s versatility supports a broad spectrum of applications that can significantly enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Development Team

The Benefits of Hiring Dedicated iOS Developers

Opting for dedicated iOS developers over freelancers or gig workers presents several advantages. Firstly, dedicated developers are often more invested in your project’s success, offering a level of commitment and reliability that might be lacking in short-term contracts. They become an extension of your team, understanding your business needs and working towards your specific goals.

Additionally, dedicated developers bring continuity and consistency to the development process, which is crucial for maintaining code quality and adhering to project timelines. Their deep involvement allows for better risk management and more efficient problem-solving. Moreover, having a dedicated team ensures that knowledge and expertise are retained within your project, facilitating easier updates and scalability in the future.

Project-Specific vs. Long-Term iOS Development Requirements

The choice between hiring iOS developers for project-specific or long-term needs depends on the nature and scope of your development projects. Project-specific hiring is ideal for businesses with well-defined, short-term development tasks. It allows companies to scale their workforce up or down based on current project requirements, offering flexibility and cost efficiency.

In contrast, long-term iOS development needs are better served by dedicated developers who can commit to your project over an extended period. This approach is suited for companies with ongoing projects or those looking to continuously evolve their iOS applications. Long-term developers become deeply familiar with your project, enabling them to contribute more effectively to its growth and adapt quickly to changing requirements.

Each approach has its benefits, and the deciding factor often hinges on the project’s complexity, duration, and specific business objectives.

The Strategic Process to Hire iOS Developers with Bizcoder

At Bizcoder, we’ve streamlined the process of hiring iOS developers, making it straightforward, reliable, and tailored to your needs. By providing skilled, English-speaking developers, we ensure a smooth integration into your team, ensuring they are ready to contribute from day one.

Hire iOS Developers in 4 Easy Steps

Defining Your Project Requirements

When you partner with Bizcoder, the first step is defining the comprehensive requirements of your project. This encompasses everything from technical specifications and project timelines to desired developer experience levels and specializations. With a clear understanding of your needs, we can more effectively match you with iOS developers who have the precise skill set and experience to bring your project to life.

We Provide Top iOS Developers Vetted and Tested for You to Consider

Bizcoder prides itself on offering top-tier iOS developers who have been rigorously vetted and tested. Before you even meet them, we’ve ensured they possess not only exceptional technical skills but also a reliable work ethic and superior problem-solving abilities. This pre-selection process guarantees that the candidates you consider are ready to tackle the challenges of your project head-on, minimizing the time and effort you have to spend finding the right fit.

Developer Interview: Screening for the Best Fit for Your Team

Interviewing our provided iOS developers allows you to determine the perfect fit for your team. This crucial step ensures that beyond having the right technical abilities, the developer you choose will seamlessly integrate with your company’s culture and work dynamics. We facilitate a smooth interview process, providing guidance on how to identify candidates who not only match your technical requirements but who will also thrive within your organizational environment.

Onboarding, We Are Here to Support You

Once you've selected your ideal iOS developer, Bizcoder is here to assist with the onboarding process. We aim to make this transition as smooth as possible, ensuring that your new developer becomes productive and integrated into your project swiftly. Our support extends beyond just filling a position; we’re committed to making sure your new hire contributes to your project’s success from the outset.

Interview Questions to Hire iOS Developers

Basics and Advanced iOS Concepts

To hire an adept iOS developer, it’s essential to cover both basic and advanced iOS concepts during the interview. Questions should range from understanding the lifecycle of iOS apps, MVC architecture, and memory management to more complex topics like concurrency, managing app states, and working with frameworks like Core Data and UIKit. This ensures the developer has a solid foundation and can handle the complexities of iOS app development.

Data Structure, Algorithms, and Problem-Solving

A proficient iOS developer must have a strong grasp of data structures, algorithms, and problem-solving skills. During interviews, delve into questions that uncover their understanding of common data structures (arrays, dictionaries, queues, and stacks) and algorithms (sorting, searching). Additionally, assess their problem-solving approach with real-world scenarios, testing their ability to find efficient, innovative solutions.


Monitoring and Performance for Proven Results and Reliable Productivity

At Bizcoder, we are dedicated to ensuring you achieve reliable results and superior work from your new iOS developer. We employ monitoring software that takes periodic screenshots and tracks time, ensuring you only pay for productive work hours. This system boosts productivity by keeping developers focused and accountable. Should there be any issues, we’re prepared to step in and help resolve them, ensuring effective management and satisfaction with your developer’s performance. Our system is designed to provide peace of mind and ensure that your investment results in genuine value for your project.

Looking to take advantage of South American rates for iOS Developers?

What can you do with an iOS Developer?

iOS developers are at the forefront of mobile technology, crafting engaging and intuitive applications for one of the world’s most popular platforms. Companies leverage iOS developers to create apps that cater to a wide range of needs and purposes, enhancing user experience and expanding their customer base. These professionals are responsible for developing applications that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and efficient, driving businesses forward in a mobile-first world.

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Final considerations when hiring iOS Developers


When embarking on the journey to hire an iOS developer, it’s crucial to consider both the technical and interpersonal aspects that will ensure a perfect fit for your team. Beyond the developer’s proficiency with frameworks like UIKit, SwiftUI, or Core Data, which are essential for building robust iOS applications, their ability to mesh with your existing team’s culture and workflow is just as important. Here are some key considerations:

  • Framework Compatibility: Match the developer’s expertise with the specific frameworks and technologies your project requires. This ensures they can hit the ground running and contribute effectively from the outset.
  • Soft Skills: Look for qualities such as problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and a collaborative spirit. A developer who can communicate effectively, offer innovative solutions, and work well within your team’s dynamic will be invaluable.
  • Experience and Portfolio: Assess their previous work to gauge their experience across different types of projects. This can give you insight into their capability to handle your project’s complexities.

How BizCoder Helps You Find the Perfect Match


At Bizcoder, our goal is to connect you with the ideal iOS developer who not only meets your technical needs but also complements your team’s culture. We employ a combination of advanced AI matching algorithms and the discerning eye of experienced human recruiters to find candidates with the precise framework expertise and technical prowess required for your project. In addition, we delve into the soft skills, language proficiency, and social adaptability of each candidate to ensure they are a good match for your team.

Our unique hiring process includes technical testing with recordings and the use of the latest assessment tools to verify the candidate’s skills comprehensively. Beyond these measures, we often recommend developers who have a proven track record of success on projects with US teams, backed by stellar feedback on their skills and work ethic. With Bizcoder, you’re not just hiring a developer; you’re gaining a dedicated professional ready to elevate your project to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bizcoder distinguishes itself as the premier choice for hiring iOS developers due to our deep expertise in remote software development and a robust selection of professional, English-speaking software developers. Our focus on South America allows us to offer highly skilled iOS developers at competitive rates without compromising on quality. We provide a comprehensive vetting process, utilizing both AI and human expertise, to ensure developers not only have the technical skills required but also embody the work ethic and problem-solving abilities essential for your projects. With Bizcoder, you gain access to dedicated professionals and complete teams ready to integrate seamlessly into your projects, ensuring smooth development processes and successful outcomes.

Addressing challenges in iOS developer hiring requires a strategic approach that includes clearly defining job requirements, understanding the specific skills and expertise needed, and knowing where to look for the right talent. Partnering with a specialized outsourcing company like Bizcoder can significantly streamline this process. We mitigate common hiring challenges by providing a pre-vetted pool of developers, which saves time and resources in the recruitment process. Additionally, our matching algorithm and personalized screening ensure that you are paired with developers who not only meet your technical criteria but also fit well with your team’s culture and project goals. This comprehensive approach reduces the risk of mismatches and enhances project success.

Writing a job description for an iOS developer starts with a clear understanding of your project’s specific needs and objectives. Begin with a brief overview of your company and the project. Outline the key responsibilities, such as developing iOS applications, maintaining code quality, and collaborating with cross-functional teams. Specify required skills and experiences, including proficiency in Swift, familiarity with iOS frameworks like UIKit and Core Data, and experience with third-party libraries and APIs. Emphasize soft skills like problem-solving ability, teamwork, and communication. Finally, mention any educational requirements or preferences and the benefits of joining your team. A well-crafted job description attracts the right candidates and sets clear expectations for both parties.

At Bizcoder, we have a diverse range of iOS developers available to meet various project needs. From junior to senior levels, our developers are skilled in the latest iOS technologies, including Swift and Objective-C, and have extensive experience with key frameworks and tools like UIKit, SwiftUI, Core Data, and Xcode. Whether you need developers to create engaging user interfaces, optimize application performance, or integrate complex backend systems, our talent pool is equipped to handle projects of any scale. Additionally, we ensure that our iOS developers are not just technically proficient but also possess strong communication skills, adaptability, and a teamwork-oriented mindset.

If you find yourself needing to cut development costs after hiring iOS developers, Bizcoder offers flexible solutions to accommodate your changing financial landscape. We can work with you to reassess your project scope and developer needs, potentially scaling back resources without sacrificing project quality. Our model allows for adjusting team sizes or shifting focus to core functionalities that align with your revised budget. Moreover, our transparent pricing model ensures that you only pay for the development work you need, helping manage costs more effectively. We’re committed to supporting your project through its ebbs and flows, ensuring that you can navigate financial challenges without compromising your development goals.

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