Canary Inspecting Traffic

Runscope: Notifications from the Traffic Inspector

Runscope provides a way to log HTTP traffic that passes between client and server and it also can also continuously monitor Web API’s to ensure they are functioning correctly.  When something goes wrong with the Web API you can be notified immediately.  However, out of the box, there isn’t a way to be notified if […]

Shared Business Logic Archetecture

The Web API business layer anti-pattern

What follows is a description of an architectural pattern that I see many developers discussing that I believe is an anti-pattern.  My belief is based on architectural theory and I have no empirical evidence to back it up, so feel free to come to your own conclusions. The proposed architecture looks like this, I’ve never […]

Rest Chocolate Chip Cookies

REST–The Chocolate Chip Cookie Analogy

At a recent conference, I found myself once again in a conversation about the meaning of the term REST.  I’ve had this conversation so many times, that I tend to forget that not everyone has heard my take on the subject.  The conversation ended with a “you should blog that…”.  Most developers are aware that […]

Rube Goldberg Machine Testing

Continuous Integration, Deployment and Testing of your Web APIs with AppVeyor and Runscope

Fast iterations can be very valuable to the software development process, but make for more time spent doing deployments and testing.  Also, more deployments means more opportunities to accidentally introduce breaking changes into your API.  AppVeyor is a cloud based continuous integration server and Runscope enables you to do integration testing of your Web APIs, […]

Open Source

Microsoft: Open source and cross-platform all the things

It was announced today that Microsoft will be delivering a cross-platform and open source, cloud-optimized version of the .Net framework. Today’s announcement is a culmination of a series of changes that have been happening over the past few years in certain parts of Microsoft.  Through the persistence of numerous Microsoft employees and the encouragement by […]

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