REST in Montreal

If you were at my talk at devlabmtl I would like to thank you for coming.  I hope you found it useful.  In the talk I made reference to a bunch of resources and I just wanted to provide you with some links. Hypermedia Application Language (hal) Mike Amundsen’s site that contains a whole lot of insight […]

WCF dot net

WCF HTTP – work in progress

So, I’m still working on that walkthrough of the Contact Manager.  Not sure how valuable it is now that Glenn posted his latest summary.  Between that and the session at PDC you should be able to get a pretty good idea how it works. So the code for this project is all available on the Microsoft site. […]


The StackOverflow question that couldn’t stay open

This is the question that I want to give an answer to.  I am answering here because people keep closing it.  Sorry, the post refers directly to issues raised in the question and so won’t make much sense without reading the question first.  I would even recommend reading version of the question prior to editing as […]

Rest Agent

Rest Agent – An introduction

You might say I’m a bit of a fan of the REST architectural style. Let me provide a little background to clarify why REST is important to me, so you can better understand my underlying objectives.  If we have similar objective then maybe this series of posts will be of interest to you. I write […]

Software Testing

But can you test it?

Testing code that uses HttpWebRequest directly, is a real pain.  Usually what I have seen people do is create a service interface that hides the real http client behind the interface and then create fake service implementations to actually run their tests against.  The annoying part about that solution is that Http client interfaces tend […]

Absolute Relative Url

The mystery of the trailing slash and the relative url

I had heard conflicting rumours about the significance of the trailing slash, so I decided to go googling.  If you explore the first few hits you will find all sorts of discussions about cool urls, the impact on SEO, the performance benefits of avoiding server redirects, amongst other stuff.  However, I found nothing that seemed […]

Witty for Only the brave need apply.

If you have a Windows machine with VS2008, .Net 3.5, svn and patch on it, you can get the source for Witty here [1] and a patch [2] that will make it run against Enjoy! [1] [2]

Witty can talk to

Witty connected to Due to the nice decoupling of the service API and the user interface in the project Witty it was relatively easy to create a basic service API for There is still a lot of stuff to get working but at least the basic read and write are functioning. I am hoping […]

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