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Composing API responses for maximum reuse with ASP.NET Web API

In Web API 2.1 a new mechanism was introduced for returning HTTP messages that appeared to be a cross between HttpResponseMessage and the ActionResult mechanism from ASP.NET MVC.  At first I wasn’t a fan of it at all.  It appeared to add little new value and just provide yet another alternative that would a be a source of confusion.  […]


VB.Net and C# again

Jeremy was complaining recently about being given a hard time for not being sufficiently supportive of VB.Net developers in relation to his Structure Map OSS project. As I mentioned in the comments to the post, when .Net first appeared on the scene I believed that VB.Net should be specialized for learning, prototyping and writing quick throw […]

Visual Basic

So long Classic VB

I feel I have to weigh in to the current debate regarding the end of support of VB6. Many people have stated that they see no reason to move working VB6 applications to the .Net framework. They feel because they are still using VB6 that Microsoft should still support and enhance it. As a vendor […]


Goodbye and Good Riddence

Mr. Grimes Farewell If this is the kind of FUD that Mr. Grimes usually puts out I’m glad he is giving up on .Net commentary column. His complaints from what I can see: – They copied stuff from WFC and VB. – The framework is too large for shareware developers, so it will never gain momentum. […]

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