Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We have listed down some of the frequently asked questions generally asked by our valuable clients before hiring our professional Software Engineers.

What kind of developers get paid the most?

In any given field senior full stack software developers or engineers tend to get paid the most. However some skillsets such as native mobile developers, cross platform developers and Backend API developers are in high demand indemand, which can also cause them to recieve higher pay.

How Can We Monitor the software engineers performance?

When you are with Hire Software Engineer we will provide everyday status update of the work in details, apart form that you can ask to run any time/screen tracker software which our developer will run on his computer and you can monitor what he is doing at specific time.

What kind of companies are hiring software engineers?

Software engineers are in high demand and there are many different companies hiring for these roles. The industries that hire most softweare engineers are internet services and software companies. However, as the digital transformation continues software engineers are more and more common in all sorts of industries with companies who wish to offer their customers or employees apps and websites to interact with.

What is your service pricing model?

When you are with Hire Software Engineer we employ the developer from a number of worldwide locations. We handle all Taxes, employee benifits, office costs and bonuses required for the developer and just charge you either a flat montly fee or a hourly rate.

Why are good software developers so hard to find?

The greatest problem with hiring software engineers is competition. The bigger the city you’re in, the fiercer the fight to recruit the best. We find the best developers for you globally to try to help mitigate the problem of scarsity and the resulting high costs of developers.

What are the most popular programming languages?

Today the most popular programming languages for software engineers or software developers to use are Javascript, Python, PHP, C# dot net, Java . Programming languages often have specific inherent advantages to some part of an application. An example of this would be javascript is the most popular front end language while Java, C# and Python are the most popular backend or API development languages.

What percentage of candidates pass a coding test?

This number will differ depending on the seniority of the role and the difficulty of the code test. Javascript code tests range from around 50-10% pass rate on average however a particularly hard question may see that pass rate head to 0%. From our experience we would estimate on average around 25% of software engineers or developers would have achieve a passrate of 60% of above on a test of average difficulty.

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